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Mud Pump Pulsation Dampener Bladder 

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Emsco/Bomco/Hydril KB45 KB75 PD45 PD55 K10 K20 Mud Pump Pulsation Dampener Bladder 

K-10,3000 psi/ K-10,5000 psi/K-20, 5000 psi/K-20, 7500 psi

KB-45, 5000 psi/ KB-75, 5000 psi
PD-45, 5000 psi/ PD-55, 5000 psi

Mud Pump Parts

Bomco/ Emsco/ National/ Mission/ Oilwell/ GardnerDenver/ Ideco/ Drillmec/ Wirth/ Weatherford/ Mud King/ Ellis Williams/ Skyptop/ Brewster/ OPI/ Russiam/ Romania/ LS National/ Southwest/ Baker/ Gaso/

Wheatly/ Novatech/ Honghua/ Hydril

Fluid End Expendables & Accessories

Module, Valve& Seat, Upper and lower Valve Guide, Liner, Liner Gasket, Piston, Piston Rod, Rod Clamp, Valve Cover, Valve Cover Seal, Cylinder head, Cylinder Head Gasket, Cylinder Head Flange/Threaded Ring, Alignment Ring, Wear Plate, Cylinder Head Plug, Liner Flange, Liner Lock, Mud Baffle

Discharge Manifold, Suction manifold, Pulsation Dampener, Suction Dampener, Charging Pump, Liner Spraying Pump, Gauges

Power End Parts

Pony Rod/ Extension Rod, Stuffing Box, Stuffing box Seal Parts, Crosshead, Crosshead Guide, Crosshead Pin, Crosshead Bearing, Connection Rod, Bull Gears, Pinion Shaft, Pinion Shaft Bearing/Bearing Carrier/ Oil Seal Gasket/ Crank Shaft, Crank Shaft Bearing/Bearing Carrier, Eccentric Bearing, Inner/outer Race Retainer, Gauges, Oil Lubrication pump, Mud pump, Transmission Belt Pulley/ V-belt

Xinhuafa supplies forged and casted steel pulsation dampeners which are inter-changeable and compatible with Hydril series "K" dampeners, Emsco series "PD" dampeners and Bomco series "KB" dampeners. These units are dependable and reliable with API connections

K-10,3000 psi/K-10,5000 psi/K-20, 5000 psi/K-20, 7500 psi

KB-45, 5000 psi/KB-75, 5000 psi

PD-45, 5000 psi/PD-55, 5000 psi

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